All In Sampler Pack PPU Edition

All In Sampler Pack PPU Edition

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You asked and here it is. An All In Sampler Pack fully loaded with all the past Polish Pickup scents. Order now and you will receive a sample of the August Polish Pickup scent Strawberries and Champagne before you can even order it!

Scent pack includes 10 .25oz samples with a bonus 11th sample. Scents include:

June 2018 Breath Of The Wild Citrus soda inspired by Mountain Dew

May 2018 As If with notes of cherry blossom, citrus, peach, apple and hydrangea inspired by Victoria Secret Love Spell

April 2018 Space Jam Version 2 a blend of fried dough sugar and a hint of vanilla stuffed full of strawberry jam inspired by jelly donuts.

March 2018 Bee Charmer a sweet and juicy Georgia Peach with subtle hints of wildflower honey inspired by the book Fried Green Tomatoes and Towanda the Bee Charmer.

February 2018 Candy Crush scent blend of bananas, kiwi, vanilla and lemon inspired by nostalgic candy from childhood

January 2018 Rocky Shores warm sand, sea spray, salt, jasmine and mandarin inspired by a day at the beach.

December 2017 Snickerdoodle cinnamon, butter, sugar cookie and all spice inspired by my families favorite Christmas Cookie.

November 2017Space Jam Version 1 renamed Orange Cranberry sweet juicy oranges blend with fresh tart cranberries

October 2017 Butter Beer butterscotch cinnamon and a hint of vanilla cream inspired by Harry Potter’s drink of choice Butter Beer.

September 2017 Pumpkin Pie inspired by the holiday favorite dessert of choice pumpkin pie.

Bonus Now Including August 2018 Strawberries and Champagne fresh juicy strawberries  mingle with sparkling bubbles of crisp champagne and tangy grapefruit, champagne grapes and deep plum notes inspired by a glass of champagne enjoyed before seeing a show.


*All samples come in the new air tight white jars so that they will not dry out like the old clear jars.

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